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Self-Service Laundry

The Biggest and Best Machines in Lancaster

More Than a Laundromat — We Are an Experience!

Would you believe that a trip to the laundromat could be a fun experience?


At our Columbia Avenue laundromat, we’ve created a clean and fun atmosphere that you’ll enjoy. Our facility is bright, clean, and secure, with 16 security cameras and an on-site attendant ready to help you with your laundry. We’ve stocked the place with plenty of washers and dryers, so you never have to wait for a machine — even on the weekend. And with your Festiva Card — which can be recharged by cash, debit or credit card — you don’t have to worry about having enough coins or change. Just stop in whenever, throw your laundry in, then sit back, relax and enjoy our many convenient (and popular) amenities.

"I really like Festiva. I can relax with a cup of coffee as I read my newspapers while my laundry is washing and drying. Festiva is also spotlessly clean thanks to the GREAT people who work there."
- Rick Banzhoff

How Self-Service Laundry Works at Festiva

Part of being the best laundromat experience in Lancaster means making your laundry tasks easier and faster. Our large-capacity washers mean fewer machines to keep track of and shorter wash times. And our huge Grand Finale® dryers finish the job in no time!

Festiva Card: Coinless Laundry Is Here!

We are coinless at Festiva Laundry. All our washers and dryers work with your Festiva Card. You can load by bills or credit or debit card. Just pick up your Festiva card at the front desk!

You pay for time on our washers and dryers with your Festiva Card, it’s simple!

The card costs just $1.00, and the balance on the card carries over for each time you visit us. When you are running low, simply refresh your balance with bills or a debit/credit card.

Benefits of the Festiva Card

Stop fumbling for loose change
Pay for your laundry with bills, debit, and credit card
Use your Festiva card in all of our washers and dryers

* If you lose your registered card, the balance can be transferred to a new card.

"One thing for sure festiva is the best in keeping everything cleaned and sanitized I love the workers always polite. Keep on doing good jobs ladies and gentlemen."
- Barbara Murray

Get Directions to Festiva

We are located on Columbia Avenue in West Lancaster, near College Avenue. We are easy to get to from downtown, suburbs, and local college campuses.


Free parking is available in our on-site parking lot. The parking lot is accessible from Columbia Avenue, West Orange Street, and from Hagar Alley in the back.