Lancaster City Laundromat

Open: 24/7

The Best Self-Serve Laundromat in Lancaster!

Big Machines, Free Wifi & Coffee, Laundry Supplies on Site, and Plenty of Tables for Folding

Self-Service Laundry

More Than a Laundromat — We Are an Experience!

Too many people dread laundry day: finding coins, lugging their family’s clothes halfway across town, and waiting in a boring environment for their loads to finish. At Festiva, we love laundry, and we want you to have the best experience possible!

At our Columbia Ave laundromat, we’ve created a fun atmosphere that you’ll enjoy. Our facility is bright, clean, and secure, with 16 security cameras and an on-site attendant ready to help you with your laundry. We’ve stocked the place with plenty of washers and dryers, so you never have to wait for a machine — even on the weekend. And with your Festiva Card — which can be recharged by debit or credit card — you don’t have to worry about having enough coins or change.

14 Reasons Why You’ll Love Festiva Laundry:

  1. Free WiFi
  2. Complimentary coffee & newspaper
  3. Large flat-panel TVs
  4. Festiva Card — no searching for change!
  5. Children’s play area
  6. Extra tables and chairs for waiting and relaxing
  7. Clean washers and dryers
  8. Big machines, which means shorter laundry times
  9. Twice filtered water (best for delicate material)
  10. Extra laundry supplies (in case you forget)
  11. Wide aisles and lots of laundry carts
  12. Plenty of tables for folding clothes
  13. Convenient off-street parking
  14. A friendly attendant always there to help

Entertainment While You Wait

Waiting at a laundromat can be boring, but not at Festiva. We’ve added plenty of seating so you can have a spot to read, talk, or watch TV. Speaking of TVs, you can watch one of our 7 flat-panel TVs from anywhere in the laundromat. Kids can enjoy our spacious children’s play area, while you enjoy complementary coffee and browse the internet with free WiFi.

The Best Laundry Equipment Around

We’ve set up some of the biggest washers and dryers you’ve ever seen. These bigger loads means less machines you have to keep an eye on, plus shorter laundry times. And our huge Grand Finale® dryers are finished in no time!

We’ve also thought of the little things to make your laundry trip more enjoyable: wide aisles, plenty laundry carts, and plenty of tables for folding. All our washers and dryers work with your Festiva Card, which you can pick up at the front desk your first visit.

We filter our water twice before it touches any of your clothes, so they get washed in the purest water possible. And we clean the washers and dryers 2-3 times each day, so your laundry is clean and fresh when you leave. But after your first experience at Festiva, why would you want to leave?

Festiva Card

We are coinless at Festiva Laundry! Pay for time on our washers and dryers with your Festiva Card, which you fill with money only as you need it. Our attendant will give you your card and explain how it works. The card costs just $1.00, and the balance on the card carries over for each time you visit Festiva. When you are running low, simply refresh your balance with bills or a debit or credit card.

Benefits of the Festiva Card:

  • Stop fumbling for loose change
  • Pay for your laundry with bills, debit, and credit card
  • Your Festiva Card works with all washers and dryers

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