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Student Laundry Services

Does your college student need help staying on top of dirty laundry?

We can help! We offer collection, wash-n-fold, and return delivery on campus. We’ve partnered with local Lancaster-area colleges to help give both you and your son or daughter one less thing to worry about!

Why you’ll love a laundry plan:

  • No more excuses for not doing laundry!
  • Know your student’s laundry is being done by adults
  • Your student enjoys a regular laundry schedule
  • Easy on-campus pick up and delivery
  • Convenient semester billing


How It Works:

Laundry Pick Up Service

For students at select Lancaster-area colleges, we’ve set up convenient on-campus locations. Your student can drop off their bag of laundry (we’ll give them a heavy duty bag each semester) at the on-campus pick up location each Tuesday. They won’t even have to step foot off campus; they can drop it off while heading to class!

Wash-n-Fold Their Clothes

Our team of laundry experts will sort, wash, dry, and fold your student’s clothes properly, like they were still at home. We’ll even take care of stains and match socks!

Deliver it back to College

Your student’s clothes will be ready the following Tuesday. We’ll return the freshly cleaned clothes and laundry bag to the on-campus pick up location — they don’t have to leave campus to pick it up! (But if your student would like their laundry sooner… anytime after Thursday they can stop by for it at our laundromat)

Our 10-Step Cleaning Process

For each order we follow the same 10-step procedure to make sure clothes are cleaned, dried, and returned each and every time.

  1. We check each pocket for valuables (or not so valuable pens that might damage the clothes) – and return those items
  2. We pre-treat noticeable stains
  3. We separate colors and whites appropriately
  4. All our water is double-filtered for purity
  5. We use highest quality detergents, including hypoallergenic products at your request
  6. We select washing and drying temperatures to minimize the risk of shrinkage
  7. We use dryer sheets in the dryers – scented or unscented at your choice
  8. We check each dryer load to be sure it’s completely dry
  9. We try hard to match and pair all socks
  10. And finally, we meticulously fold and package each order

Pick a Plan

Choose a plan that meets your student’s laundry needs: Normal Use or Heavy Use. Both plans include free pick up and delivery on campus.

Normal Use Plan
$395 for one semester | $725 for two semesters
Less than $25 per week!
Includes two sturdy medium-sized laundry bags
Heavy Use Plan
$795 for one semester | $1,450 for two semesters
Less than $46 per week!
Includes two sturdy large-sized laundry bags

View our full list of Terms & Conditions or Contact us with any questions.

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